Frequently Asked Questions

We often have many questions when attending a new church, and we have tried to answer some of the most asked below. However, if you have further questions, please feel comfortable asking any of us at church, and we will be happy to help you. Also, you may send any questions through the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you quickly.

Why all the kneeling & standing during the service?

It’s like liturgical aerobics! Just think of it as a way to get a little exercise while you worship.

How long are the services?

The 11 am service on Sunday is usually an hour and fifteen minutes. However, some services that include additional liturgies, like confirmations and baptisms, may last up to an hour and a half. In addition, special services like Christmas Eve and Easter Day usually last an hour and a half.

Sunday’s 9 am service and Wednesday’s noon service are about thirty minutes.

Evening Prayers are usually fifteen to twenty minutes.

What should I wear?

The best answer is to come to church dressed in what you feel comfortable wearing. You’ll see people in shorts, jeans, suits, and everything in between. We promise you’ll fit in at Holy Cross.

Where should I sit?

Well, anywhere you’d like. Make yourself at home. What I like to do is sit in a different pew every Sunday to confuse everyone.

How can I follow along with the service?

We provide service leaflets, which you can pick up from an usher when you arrive. We also have a link to download the service leaflet Sundays at 7 am on Facebook and our website.

Everything you need, including Scripture readings, is printed in the service leaflet, some areas of the leaflet reference pages in the Book of Common Prayer (red book in the pews), and the Hymnal (blue book in the pews.)

Can I bring my children to church services?

Yes, of course! Any age.

What is the red book in all the pews?

It is called the Book of Common Prayer or BCP for short. The Book of Common Prayer is the official book of worship of the Episcopal Church. The BCP provides liturgical forms, prayers, and instructions so that all members and orders of the Episcopal Church may appropriately share in common worship.

What is the blue book in all the pews?

The blue book is the Hymnal. The Hymnal 1982 is the primary hymnal of the Episcopal Church in the United States. In addition to the service music, The Hymnal 1982 has 720 hymns. It is strongly founded on congregational singing, and takes some beginning steps toward multiculturalism, including eight hymns based on spirituals, two on Ghanaian work songs, two on Chinese hymns, two on “Amerindian” songs, one Hispanic American song, and one by a Mexican composer.

Who may receive Holy Communion?

All baptized Christians are welcome at Christ’s table. Also, children and adults, baptized or not,  are welcome to come forward at the time of Communion to receive a blessing instead, signaled by crossing your arms over your chest when at the altar.

Where are the restrooms?

There are restrooms downstairs in the undercroft (basement) and the Education Building.

When you exit the church, take a left and walk through the short wrought iron fence gate. Stay along the path to the left of the rose garden and the side of the church. You will see a door on the left just past the handicap elevator lift. Go through that door and down the stairs, and to your right, past the couch and chairs, there are two restrooms.

Also, if you continue through the rose garden past the door mentioned above, you will see the dual doors to the Education Building. Through those doors and midway down the hallway, there are two restrooms on your right.

Yes, I know it’s very confusing. If all else fails, ask an usher or one of our sextons for directions, and they’ll be happy to show you where the restrooms are located.

Is your church handicap accesible?

Yes. Along the right side of the church, past the rose garden, is an elevator lift that will bring you up to the nave. If you need help operating the elevator lift, our sextons will be happy to help you.

Handicap-accessible restrooms are available in the Education Building, and the directions to them are in “Where are the restrooms?”

Where should I park?

Our church was built in 1904; therefore, our predecessors did not think about automobile parking. However, we have a few parking lots available, and parking on Cotton Street is safe and convenient. The parking areas are as follows:

When facing the church, our parking lot is to the left behind the iron fence. Also, the grassy area adjacent to the parking lot’s pavement is available for parking.

When facing the church, the parking lot to the right is available for parking. Our neighbors have graciously allowed us to use their lot on Sundays.

There is a parking lot across Texas Ave at the Municipal Auditorium. Please be careful crossing the street when parking at the Auditorium.

You may park in either direction along Cotton Street.

If you have further questions, send us a message below. We’ll get back to you very soon.