Staff & Committees

Holy Cross Clergy

The Rev'd Garrett Boyte Rector

The Rev'd Mary Richard Rector Emerita

The Rev'd Kenneth Paul Rector Emeritus

The Rev'd Donald Heacock Dir. Holy Cross Child Placement

Holy Cross Staff

Bruce Power Organist & Choirmaster

Laurie Connell Parish Administrator

Kathleen Raymond Multimedia Manager

Charles Alford Senior Sexton

Brian Jackson Assistant Sexton

Holy Cross Hope House Staff

Holy Cross Child Placement

Donna Earnest Asst. to the Rector Hope House Management

Larry Murff Deputy Asst. to the Rector Hope House Management

Margaret Heacock Asst. Director Holy Cross Child Placement

Kendall Raymond Asst. Director Holy Cross Child Placement


David Richard, Senior Warden, elected 2020

Virginia Paul, Junior Warden, elected 2021

Rebecca Snodgrass, Secretary, elected 2022

Tommie Sue Brooks, elected 2022

Lyman McKellar, elected 2022

Reid Raymond, elected 2020

Jacklyn Songy, elected 2020

Marshall Middleton, elected 2021

Georgianna Gleason, elected 2021


Monty Walford, Treasurer

Herschel Richard, Chancellor

Gerald Brooks, Properties Chair

Margaret Heacock, ECW Chair

Lynn Walford, Publishing Chair



Gerald Brooks

Virginia Paul

Reid Raymond

David Richard

Monty Walford