Holy Cross Hope House

Holy Cross Hope House assists the disadvantaged in downtown Shreveport by furnishing essential services unavailable to those without a place to live. By providing mailboxes, phones, clothing, showers, washers, and dryers, those without can live and work with the basics all of us need to survive. More services, including daily meals, bus passes, and education on how to be self-dependent, add to Hope House’s mission to help all we can to achieve freedom from living on the streets.






Hope House Services

Bus Passes Clothing
Community Garden Computers
Haircuts Loaner Bikes
Mail Boxes Meals
Pet Care, Nova’s Heart Showers
St. Luke’s Medical Telephones
Trash Terminators Washer & Dryers

Contact Hope House

Address ▪ 762 Austen Place, Shreveport, LA 71101

Phone ▪ (318) 220-7650

Fax ▪ (318) 239-7603

Office Email ▪ hopehouse@churchholycross.org

Case Worker ▪ caseworker@churchholycross.org


Hours ▪ Monday thru Friday 7am to 2pm

Case Worker Services

Birth Certificates Drug Treatment Programs
Housing Assistance Life Skills Classes
Medicare-Medicaid Benefits Mental Health Programs
SNAP SS Benefits
SSDI Benefits SSI Benefits
SSN Cards State ID
Tax Preparation Wage Benefits

The Rev'd Kenneth Paul

Rector Emeritus Holy Cross

Founder of Hope House

When we think of the homeless, we often think of someone in threadbare clothes, maybe standing on the side of the road with a sign asking for money. We think of rubbish-filled shopping carts pushed by people with dirty faces, people who sleep under overpasses. Furthermore, when we think of homeless shelters, we picture the soup kitchens and flophouses of the Great Depression. However, none of these stereotypes or caricatures accurately depict today’s homeless or homeless shelters.
Holy Cross Church started as an Episcopal parish in downtown Shreveport to help the most in need in this area. As a result, we quickly learned the old stereotypes misrepresent the many types of homeless people, and it created false ideas for why they’re homeless. There was little help for the homeless in our neighborhood twenty years ago. So we created a day shelter to help.
The Rev’d Kenneth Paul, through decades of helping the homeless and near-homeless, knew that basic human needs like a shower, clean clothes, a meal, and a place away from the elements, even if only for a short time, were desperately needed. So, in 2004 we expanded our fifty-year ministry of serving the homeless and opened Holy Cross Hope House.
With help from numerous churches, organizations, and individuals, Holy Cross Hope House has grown from one shower, one washer and dryer, and one coffee pot to over twenty services. Additionally, we plan to grow, adapt, and develop innovative ways to help the homeless and near-homeless transition to and continue with a life off of the streets.
Our statistics show homelessness in our area continues, and we see more and more people in need, especially as Covid-19 impacts our community. Holy Cross Hope House’s success over the last two decades is primarily due to help from people like you. If you would like to volunteer or donate, don’t hesitate to contact us or click on the volunteer or donate button above.

Donna Earnest Asst. to the Rector Hope House Management

Larry Murff Deputy Asst. to the Rector Hope House Management