We have a ministry for you, from helping the homeless, serving during worship, to praying with the home-bound. We invite you to do what you can, when you can, in any way you can. Anything will help, and you will make a difference.​

Below are descriptions of each ministry. Our ministries are arranged in the categories of Community, Church Worship Service, and Church Campus. The form to volunteer is to the right.

If you have any questions, contact us at (318) 222-3325 or

Thank you for your interest in serving with Holy Cross.

Ministries Volunteer Form


Community Care

There are several people who live in the area around the church. Partners in this ministry will help establish relationships with those who live in the area, looking for ways the church can help our neighbors and neighborhood or just to help make this a great area to live in.

Eucharistic Visitor

This ministry, while similar to Eucharistic minister, focuses on bringing the Eucharist blessed on Sunday to those who were unable to join us due to sickness or other weighty causes. This ministry also requires a license from the Bishop and formal training from the Rector. Eucharistic Visitors visit hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, and private homes to give Holy Eucharist to other parishioners.

Holy Cross Child Placement

Those who are interested in helping with our adoption agency should check this box. We could use volunteers to help us care for expecting mothers, prospective parents, and paperwork! You’ll be working with Fr. and Mrs. Heacock and Ms. Kendall Raymond!

Hope House Meals

Hope House tries to provide a meal every day, and this workload is distributed among many churches and other charities in the area. Those who volunteer here will be responsible for providing one meal each month to feed our friends at Hope House. This is a great opportunity for the cooks in the parish!

Hope House Visitor

Hope House is always in need of donations, but one thing that they need more than that are volunteers. As the primary ministry of this parish, visitors to Hope House from Holy Cross will focus on getting to know our friends and neighbors. If anyone’s told you you’re a good listener, you should check this box. Hope House is open Monday-Friday from 7-2, with weekend opportunities at least once a month.

Holy Cross Villas Visitor

Holy Cross operates two retirement communities and would love to have visitors from the church make regular visits to the facilities to visit with the residents.



While many think this is a ministry reserved for children, it is actually open to all Christians and is very important to a well-done liturgy. Acolytes assist the priest in a variety of ways such as helping him to set the table, ringing the bell, carrying the cross, holding his books, and other important jobs. It’s a great job for members of any age!

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the church for worship. Those who volunteer for this ministry will undergo training by the Rector about how to prepare the church for services. This ministry is set on a “Rota” or a rotation sheet with members being given specific Sundays, Saturdays, and special holy days for which they are responsible.


This ministry is notable for the beauty it brings to Sunday’s liturgy. Music and particularly the singing of hymns and other sacred music brings transcendence to the liturgy that can be hard to describe. All singers, professional or shower singers, are welcome to join the choir. No one is tone deaf! And our choirmaster is an excellent teacher.

Eucharistic Minister

This ministry is a favorite among many. Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest on Sunday and other holy days in administering the Holy Eucharist. Ministers are chalice bearers who help serve the Blood of Christ to the faithful. This ministry requires a license from the Bishop and more formal training from the Rector.


Lectors are readers. This is a very important ministry. Lectors are responsible for preparing to read aloud the Word of God. This is another ministry set on a Rota, with each lector being given a Sunday or Holy Day on which they read their lesson(s). Those who volunteer for this ministry will undergo training by the Rector or Chief Lector.

Church Host

This ministry is perfect for outgoing people who want to help welcome new members of the church. Anytime a new member joins, the welcome wagon will get their contact information, take them to lunch or dinner, or invite them over for the same. The Welcome Wagon will also prepare welcome packages or “goodie bags” for visitors and newcomers. The Welcome Wagon will also intentionally approach visitors to welcome them, invite them back, or to a bible study or other fellowship opportunity. There needs to be at least one member of the Welcome Wagon at church every time we have a service.


This is such an important ministry. Any time a new person comes to church, the first person they often see is the usher! And so ushers should be welcoming, helpful, and knowledgeable about the church. Ushers should help folks up the steps when necessary, help visitors find a place to sit, hand out bulletins, bring forth the offerings, and perform the duties that may arise. It’s also important that ushers be prompt and reliable and should be in a position to welcome folks at least 30 minutes before the service begins.

Worship Leader

This ministry is similar to the Lector Ministry but more comprehensive. The Worship Leader officiates Morning Prayer services and Evening Prayer services if a member of the clergy is unavailable. The Rector has training classes for Worship Leaders throughout the year. Our Worship Leaders often officiate our online Evening Prayer service when needed.


Campus Ministry

Do you know how to fix door handles or faucets? Do you enjoy tinkering and making small repairs? Then this ministry is for you. Those who volunteer for this ministry will help us care for our beautiful buildings, keeping an eye out for issues to report to the Junior Warden that might need professional maintenance and performing small, regular maintenance on other things.

Christian Ed., Adult

This ministry is for people who’d like to help the Rector lead the adult Christian formation classes and even teach some classes on their own.

Christian Ed., Youth

Those interested in teaching Sunday School and organizing other events for the children and youth of the church should check this box. The Rector will provide any needed training and materials. Thoughtful and energetic people are a great fit for this ministry, but really all that’s necessary is a desire to raise up the children and youth of the church into the faith we have received.


Help the parish stay connected by assisting with any of our parish communications such as the newsletter, Facebook, YouTube. Those who are skilled at writing will enjoy this ministry. We can use your help and input!

Kitchen Crew

Throughout the year, Holy Cross hosts many events where we prepare and cook a variety of meals. From grilled hamburgers to gumbo, our cooks prepare mouth-watering meals at least four times a year. Also, our cooks organize and heat all the food for our monthly potluck called The Continuing Feast. So, if you like to cook, grill, and bbq, this is the ministry for you.

Digital Ministry

Like Parish Communications, this ministry works to keep social media up to date, try new things, and maintain our digital outreach and services. Those who are skilled in technology and the latest trends in social media should try their hand at this ministry.


The Episcopal Church Women are responsible for hosting Holy Cross’ famous Soup Days during Advent and Lent, the Holy Cross Fall Festival and Bazaar, and a number of other charitable events at Holy Cross. Men are also welcome to help out with any of the events they host each year.


This is another ministry well suited to extroverts, but really anyone can do it. All that’s required is a love for Jesus and a desire to tell others about him. If this ministry interests you, there will be training with the Rector.

Grounds & Gardens

Do you like working outdoors? Then this ministry is for you. Those who volunteer with gardens and grounds are responsible for tending our English Rose Garden, the front of the church, the trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, and other plants. Volunteers also keep an eye on limbs, and growth that could become an issue. How our grounds look says something about who we are and what we think about our community, so this is a very important ministry to volunteer with.

Office Assistance

Those who enjoy or are talented at secretarial work should check this box. Office assistance volunteers will help Laurie and the Rector with administrative tasks such as letters, phone calls, paperwork, archiving, etc. It’s an important behind-the-scenes ministry that takes place during the week. This ministry is best suited to those who are available during the day during the week.