From Austen Place to the Common Park, Milam St. to Texas Ave, and everything in between, a group of Hope House clients pick up hundreds of pounds of trash weekly, and they’ve christened themselves “The Trash Terminators.”

Every Wednesday, these men and women put on their fluorescent Hope House safety vests and rubber gloves and wield trash pickers and garbage cans, spending hours scouring our area picking up litter. As one volunteers once said, “Hope House does so much for us. We like being able to give something back,” and boy, do they.

To help supervise and organize The Trash Terminators, Hope House volunteer Tony Thornton arrives every Wednesday and musters up The Trash Terminators as they prepare to make sure the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots of our neighborhood are litter-free.

Hope House and Holy Cross would like to thank The Trash Terminators and Tony for giving their time towards something so important, keeping our community clean!

So, if you’re passing through our neighborhood on any given Wednesday, and you see some folks in bright yellow vests pulling yellow trash cans, give them a wave and a thumbs up for encouragement. And remember what someone once wrote, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”